Dolly Parton’s trainwreck interview with Kyle and Jackie O producer Intern Pete

A producer on The Kyle & Jackie O Show went rogue on air, hijacking a Dolly Parton interview without the knowledge of hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson.

Peter “Intern Pete” Deppeler conducted the phone interview with the 77-year-old country singer, who called into the studio from the US thinking she was going to be interviewed by the radio duo.

The chat happened recently, but it was only this morning the cringe, pre-recorded exchange was aired for listeners when Sandilands and Henderson, who scolded Intern Pete keeping them in the dark.

“We were scheduled to do an interview with Dolly Parton. Intern Pete was in charge of organising that interview and, for one strange reason or another, he forgot to let us know,” Sandilands said on air.

“We left for the day and then Pete jumped into the studio and Zoomed himself up there with Dolly Parton.”

The shock jock was also astounded by Pete’s “full bulls**t story”, in which he lied to Parton about Sandilands and Henderson being late to the interview, when they knew nothing about it.

Things went from bad to worse when Pete then asked Patron about retirement and her age. The country music star obliged and answered, saying, “I’ll just have to fall dead on the spot, but I’ll be going for as long as I can,” but the age question was a big no-no in Sandilands’ book.

“Then [Pete] got to talk about Dolly’s new Rocktsar record and then asked a question I feel no man should ever ask a woman,” he said.

Another interview blunder on Pete’s part is not letting the interviewee answer the question.

“He asked her a question about being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but then cut her off before she could even finish,” Sandilands said.

Pete then made the interview all about him when he boldly asked Parton for feedback on his interviewing skills.

“By the way, I thought I’d always check in with artists if I’m doing a good job or not because this is my first big international interview, Dolly,” he told her.

“So where are we at? How do you think I’m going?”

Patron politely replied: “I think they’ll let you keep your job.”

But the real kicker came when Pete asked the music legend if they could do an impromptu duet of her hit song, Jolene. Parton was a good sport and granted his request, although she didn’t seem too impressed with his vocal abilities.

“Is it the delay or is it because you can’t sing a lick?” she joked after they sang a few lines together.

Henderson also noticed the delay in Parton’s answers but she couldn’t decide if it was the time difference on Zoom.

“She’s pausing before she answers. Either she hates the question or there’s a delay,” she said.

Overall, Parton went along with Pete’s requests, including giving a Kyle & Jackie O departing staff member a shoutout.

“Farewell Bryan, sorry to see you go,” she said on air.

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